Peatlands form an important part of our catchments

Peatland Restoration

Digger fixing eroding peat

Digger fixing eroding peat


We are working with SNH’s peatland ACTION fund, to deliver peatland restoration across Lochaber and Skye

Peatlands form an important part of many of Scotland’s river catchments and healthy peatlands can regulate extreme water flows and improve water quality.

Scottish Natural Heritage have recognised the importance of healthy, functioning peatlands and have designed a fund to help land owners restore their bogs.

Peatland restoration can result in multiple benefits to rivers and fisheries including:

  • Reduction of flood events: as peat holds back water in flood events, it can reduce the severity of floods and lessen the impacts of these floods, such as wash-out of redds.
  • Reduction of drought conditions: Peat acts like a sponge and holds water back, releasing it slowly in dry periods
  • Improved water quality: peatland restoration reduces fine sediment entering the water and reduces colouration of water
  • Reduction in acid flushes: especially in upland areas and afforested catchments
  • Reduction of some pollutants in water

Peatland restoration also locks up Carbon, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information on peatland ACTION give us a ring or look at SNH's website: Peatland ACTION


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