The Lochaber Fisheries Trust are often asked to undertake fieldwork for Environmental Impact Assessments on local development schemes, such as hydro-electric installations. We feel that our local knowledge of rivers and burns gives us an edge in understanding the nature of individual watercourses, and the pressures which are likely to affect them. We also have the background knowledge of our rivers which enables us to put data from one burn into a wider context of each catchment.

Services we offer include

  • Electrofishing surveys: to assess juvenile salmonid and other fish species populations
  • Habitat surveys: to identify the quality of, and suitability for fish of different sections of habitat along the river/waterway.
  • Freshwater Pearl Mussel surveys
  • Gill netting: to determine fish species composition in our lochs.
  • Snorkel surveys: to monitor fish populations in deeper sections of rivers where electrofishing is not possible.


Lochaber Fisheries Trust